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Dental Implants Hawaii

Dentist talking with patientDo you have one or missing teeth that leave you feeling too self-conscious to smile? We understand how essential a beautiful smile is to overall confidence. That’s why we are pleased to offer patients dental implants—the most advanced solution on the market today to replace teeth. At Premier Dental Group HI, it’s one of the many services we offer to our patients.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

It’s been said that your smile is your best accessory. While fashion trends come and go, a gorgeous smile is always in style. Because dental implants look natural, they allow you to not only smile with confidence but eat and laugh without feeling the need to cover your mouth. Unlike dentures, which can shift in your mouth, causing discomfort or embarrassment, implants stay firmly in place.

Leading-Edge Tooth Replacement

A simple yet effective tooth replacement option, a dental implant involves a titanium post placed into the jawbone that acts as the root of a tooth. Once set, a crown, bridge or denture can be affixed to the implant depending on what is most appropriate for your situation and how many teeth you’re missing.

Dental implants have many advantages. They are

  • Stable
  • Permanent
  • Natural-looking
  • Comfortable

Unlike dental bridges, receiving a dental implant does not affect neighboring teeth. It’s different from dentures in that it acts as a normal tooth and isn’t removable with no fit-related issues involved.

Are You a Candidate?

Appropriate cases for dental implants are those who have healthy gums and adequate bone structure to accommodate the dental implant. Once you’ve received an implant, its health can be maintained just like any other tooth, with regular brushing and flossing to prevent oral disease.

If you’d like to enhance your smile with dental implants, contact us today to arrange an evaluation! Care Credit is accepted at all locations to help make your care affordable.


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