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Exams & Cleanings Hawaii

Many of our patients see us most often for routine examination and cleanings. The Premier Dental Group HI team provides a wide range of services and are experts at evaluating your teeth and gums, ensuring that they stay healthy for a lifetime.

A Comprehensive Check and Clean

Dentist examining patientA routine examination includes an assessment of every tooth that you have, carefully noting any restorations or other existing dental work. Your gums are also thoroughly investigated to be sure that they’re healthy, and there are no signs of disease. You’re evaluated for any signs of oral cancers, and X-rays are taken as needed to gain a deeper understanding of your oral health.

A thorough cleaning is performed that removes any plaque, tartar and surface stains. This form of cleaning doesn’t just leave your teeth gleaming—it prevents dental problems from occurring, too. Though you may be diligent about your oral health habits at home, a professional dental cleaning penetrates further than your toothbrush and floss are able to.

A Preventative Approach Saves You Money

If you own a vehicle, you likely have it serviced at recommended intervals to keep it operating at its peak. For example, your automobile manufacturer probably recommends that you get your engine oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles. But what if you put that service off and waited till say 10,000 miles between oil changes?

Not only would your car experience more wear and tear but the engine oil would progressively get dirtier causing a sludgy buildup in your engine. If you put off recommended oil changes for too long the engine parts could wear out and need replacing. Or, you may need to get a new transmission, which is pricey. Contrast that cost to that of a routine oil change, which is only about $30.

The same can be said for your teeth. If you put off getting routine dental care for one or more years, you may eventually need more expensive and extensive “repairs” than would have been required had you kept your regular visits.

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