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Get Your Child Off to a HealthyStart™

By Dr. Kai Kawasugi, Premier Dental Group HI Aiea

Are your child’s teeth growing in crooked, crowded or otherwise misaligned? While it may add character to your child’s appearance, the earlier these issues are resolved the less intervention they will need later on in life. With HealthyStart, an advanced orthodontic/orthopedic appliance that is similar to a sports mouthguard, we are able to straighten a child’s teeth and guide the growth of the top and bottom jaw. The appliance also addresses crowding issues, snoring and breathing difficulties.

Smiling mother with laughing daughtersFeatures of HealthyStart

This revolutionary appliance is:

  • Free of BPA, silicone and latex
  • FDA-cleared
  • Safe
  • Pain-free
  • Noninvasive
  • Effective

My Personal Experience

With my oldest son, who was a snorer, I used a combination of braces and the HealthyStart system. He had a lot of crowding and was unable to breathe through his nose well, so he was a mouth breather. Additionally, he would always get colds and strep throat. Once we started treatment and getting things opened up for him, it made a night and day difference in his sleep. HealthyStart allows me to help many children in the same way that I helped my son.

Health Issues Related to Sleep Problems

Many conditions such as ADD, ADHD, night terrors, bed-wetting and even diabetes are linked with poor sleep. My goal is to lower kids’ risk for these things and get them on the right track.

The Process of Getting HealthyStart

I will provide a questionnaire to you and your child so we can determine what problems they might be experiencing. I also will perform an exam to determine if there are growth and development issues within their mouth. This can include crowding and narrowing of the arch. We will then discuss my findings together and talk about a treatment plan using HealthyStart. While similar to phase 1 of orthodontic treatment, it may not necessarily replace it but we can reduce the amount of future orthodontic treatment. A child may never even need orthodontics again but if they do it will be less invasive.

Wearing the Appliance

The HealthyStart device has a loose fit and is mainly worn at night. The average treatment time is 8-12 months, but it could be less than or up to two years; it all depends on a variety of factors such as severity, age, growth and development. The ideal age for your child to get evaluated is when their first molars erupt (about 6-8 years old). In some cases, HealthyStart will be recommended for toddlers. If you think your child could benefit from HealthyStart, please contact us today to book a consultation!

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