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Snooze Soundly With Sleep Dentistry

By Dr. Kai Kawasugi, Premier Dental Group HI Aiea

couple sleeping in bedDoes your sleep partner tell you to roll over because you’re snoring? Do you find yourself tired in the morning due to poor sleep? At Premier Dental Group HI, we offer sleep dentistry to provide relief from sleep-related disorder issues.

What Does the Process Involve?

The first step is for you to fill out a sleep questionnaire, so I can find out more about your sleep problems and habits. It asks the following questions and more:

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep?
  • Do you have trouble staying asleep?
  • Do you wake up feeling unrested?
  • Do you toss and turn in your sleep?
  • Do you snore?
  • Do you wake up with headaches?

Once I review your answers, I will look to narrow down what might be causing your sleep difficulties and discuss my findings with you.

Our Treatment

Next, we will talk about what we were able to do in regards to treatment and expected results. Although a resolution is not guaranteed, I can usually improve upon your sleep quality if you have less complex issues. If I feel your situation is more sleep apnea related, I will recommend that you get a sleep study and go through the process of meeting with a sleep doctor or clinic.

After you have completed your sleep study, we will review your scores together and work with your doctor to determine the best treatment, whether it’s an appliance or a machine. Treatment may include either a CPAP machine, BIPAP machine or a dental appliance. If you can’t breathe through your nose, I will recommend that you see an Ear Nose & Throat specialist. This type of problem might require surgery. There are scenarios that include both types of treatment, surgery and a machine/appliance.

Dental Appliances

In relation to recommending a dental appliance, it is my goal to increase your airway potential so there’s more oxygen in your system and you receive a better quality of sleep. This can be accomplished through a dental device, which is a mouth appliance that brings the lower jaw out and away from the back of the throat. This action opens up the airway and allows the tongue to come out and away, so it’s not pushed toward the back of the throat.

Health Issues Related to Poor Sleep

Unfortunately, there are health issues that can arise from a lack of restorative sleep. Poor sleep can lead to a reduction in the amount of oxygen in the blood. As a result, there can be an increase in the amount of stress on the heart that then boosts the risk for heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. Sleep deprivation also can lead to depression and chronic pain.

Contact us today if you’re experiencing sleep problems or feel sleepy during the day. We want to help you!

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