Contact Sports and Mouthguards

Posted by PREMIER DENTAL GROUP HI on Apr 8 2022, 08:16 AM

To preserve our teeth while playing certain high-impact sports, mouthguards are used. They fit over the teeth and gums protecting them in case of any injury. It is important in contact sports such as cricket, boxing, wrestling, and skiing. These sports include equipment such as hard balls which at high speed can cause damage to your jaws or teeth. 

Mouthguards offer protection not only to the teeth but also to the jaw, lips, and tongue. It also saves you from long restorative dental procedures. 

The following reasons show that it is important to wear a mouthguard before hitting the field or court: 

  • They Protect Your Teeth

It is important to wear a mouthguard as it protects your teeth from damage. When the player doesn't use a mouthguard, there comes the chance of chipped or broken teeth. It stays firmly in its place and allows the player to speak. 

The player doesn't have to limit breathing when they wear a mouthguard. They act as a barrier between the player and the impact of potential contact. 

  • They Protect Your Braces 

Wearing a mouthguard becomes twice more important for players who have braces. If the player hits the field without a mouthguard, there could be considerable damage to their braces. It could also damage the bridge, retainer, or any other semi-permanent orthodontic appliance they have. 

Mouthguards strengthen by adding an extra layer of protection for the dental work. They also help the soft tissue from injury. 

  • They Prevent Serious Damage 

A good set of teeth is important for health reasons. High impact sports can cause severe damage to the teeth and the player should be extra cautious. However, wearing a mouthguard protects the wearer from a fractured jaw, concussion, neck injuries, and hemorrhage. A properly fitting mouthguard prevents all such serious damage to the teeth. 

A mouthguard should be properly taken care of to extend their usage and should be stored in a neat container.  It should also be washed after every use as it prevents the build-up of germs and bacteria. 

To give the player the best protection, custom mouthguards are to be used. They are customized to fit your teeth and offer a superior level of protection for your smile. The cost of a custom mouthguard is cheaper than to restore a damaged tooth. 

Schedule an appointment with Premier Dental Group HI if you are looking for a customized mouthguard for sports.  Contact us at (808) 487-1554 or visit our website to book an appointment. 

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