How to Help a Child Who Won’t Brush Their Teeth

Posted by PREMIER DENTAL GROUP HI on Dec 23 2021, 07:03 PM

Getting your kid to brush their teeth is no less than a battle. If you are also struggling with the same, our experienced staff at Premier Dental Group now at 11 convenient locations in the Hawaiian Islands can help you provide the highest standard of dental care.

There are many reasons why kids resist brushing their teeth. Some of them include sensory issues causing irritation, new tooth eruption or they find it difficult to stand still for a few minutes.

This blog will further help you understand why your child resists brushing and explore some of the fun ways to get your kids to brush their teeth.

Why Is Brushing Important at Any Age?

Sometimes parents feel that it is normal for their child to not brush daily as they will eventually lose their baby teeth. However, this sets a wrong example and may lead to many dental problems like tooth decay, discomfort, and sometimes problems in the formation of permanent teeth.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary to inculcate good habits right from childhood. 

Simple Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

  • Instill a habit of brushing as soon as they can hold a toothbrush. Try telling them a funny story or making funny faces. This may intrigue them and they might start copying you.
  • Try educating the young minds with various online activities, colorful books or show them their favorite cartoon characters as they brush their teeth.
  • Convert this mundane activity into a fun-filled game by timing them. You can also use applications or props to make them excited about brushing.
  • Next time at the mall, let your kids choose their dental products such as toothbrushes in their favorite color or toothpaste in their favorite flavor.
  • Brush your teeth before them and make it so interesting that the child cannot resist trying the same. You can also brush with them simultaneously and turn the entire experience into an interesting game.

If your child is still reluctant then it might be best to consult a pediatrician. Our team at Premier Dental Group locations is highly experienced and can help you provide the highest standard of dental care. You can call Dr. Okhiro at Premier Dental-Pearl Shopping Center at (808) 455-4173. You can also visit our website to schedule an appointment at your nearest convenient location.

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