Meet Dr Shuo Yan

Dr. Shuo Yan

Dr. Shuo Yan, our skilled and compassionate dentist, embarked on her journey in the field of dentistry at the prestigious University of Southern California from 2013 to 2017. Before dental school, she pursued her undergraduate education at the esteemed University of Minnesota-Twin Cities between 2008 and 2012. Hailing from Beijing, China, Dr. Yan's multicultural background adds depth to her understanding and approach toward patient care.

Outside of the practice

During her time at USC Dental School, fate brought Dr. Yan together with Jase Chun - who became her lifelong partner. Sharing the same passion for dentistry and commitment to excellence, they stood side by side as classmates throughout their dental education journey.

Before parenthood blessed their lives, Dr. Yan was an avid gym-goer and mall explorer who loved immersing herself in new experiences by traveling. However, since welcoming their precious daughter into this world five years ago, Dr. Yan has devoted most of her spare time to engaging in meaningful bonding experiences with her little one on tennis courts or swimming pools nestled within the Poipu region of Kauai almost every weekend.

Aside from sports-oriented activities that strengthen their bond further, she also enjoys painting and ice skating with her daughter.

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