Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies such as broken or cracked teeth, severely injured soft tissues of the mouth, etc. can come as a shock. Most often, patients tend to panic in such situations and just get worked up about what has to be done. We urge patients to remain calm and not panic when they have a dental emergency. Get in touch with a dentist at the earliest so that you can receive the necessary medical attention.

Broken teeth

Athletes who train day in and day out to get better at their sport may tend to get injured sometimes. When they take a hard blow to the mouth or have a bad fall, their athletic mouthguard can save the day for them. But, if their teeth are exposed, they may suffer severe damage to sustain as a broken, cracked, or even an avulsed tooth. Such a condition can be highly painful and would usually lead to a lot of bleeding. Patients should rinse their mouths with cold water and try to control the bleeding with a clean piece of gauze. If you manage to find the broken portion of the tooth, bring it along while visiting the dentist for immediate treatment.

Injured soft tissues

External trauma to the mouth can result in bruises or cuts to the soft inner lining of the mouth, gums, tongue, or the lips. This can cause severe bleeding and make it difficult for the patient to consume food. We suggest you to get such an injury treated at the earliest by a dentist. As soon as you get injured, try to gently apply pressure on the exposed area using a clean piece of gauze. This allows you to control the bleeding. Also, you may apply a cold pack near it to reduce the swelling and get relief from the pain.

Other dental emergencies such as severe pain in the teeth due to cavities, pain in the jaws, bleeding gums, etc. have to be given immediate attention.

Reach out to us in case of any dental emergency so that we can offer the necessary treatment at the earliest.

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