Isn't it a great feeling when you look at your child's smile? Their innocent smile can make you forget all your worries. But, wouldn't it ruin your child's smile if they had a malocclusion? Crooked teeth can make your child's smile look displeasing, which can become quite a trouble as they grow up. At our dental practice, we emphasize on the need to get a malocclusion treated at the earlier stages as a child, which often gives out way better results in comparison to adults.

What is HealthyStart?

HealthyStart is an advanced and widely recognized orthodontic/orthopedic oral appliance that we provide to children. It looks just like a regular athletic mouthguard, and your child can slip it on easily. HealthyStart promotes the ideal growth of the upper and lower jaw, along with getting rid of the teeth misalignment issues. In fact, if your child has any breathing or sleeping issues, HealthyStart can be used to treat them as well.

Is your child's mouth breathing bothering you?

Mouth breathing may not seem to be much of an issue, but it can develop to be a real pain. It can dry out the saliva in the mouth, thereby removing the first line of defense against the microbes in the mouth. This can lead to a severe case of halitosis or bad breath. Also, mouth breathing provides lesser oxygen to the lungs, may cause frequent fatigue, and even lead to poor quality of sleep. Hence, parents should proactively get their child treated during the early stages.

Perfect smile for your child 

Malocclusion is one of the most common oral conditions that children face. It can be caused due to factors such as heredity, abnormal growth of the jawbone, bad oral habits such as thumb sucking, faulty pacifiers, etc. HealthyStart does a wonderful job of treating malocclusion in children to give them a uniform and even smile. If the malocclusion is treated when the child is young, the teeth tend to adjust better to their new positions. Also, the treatment time involved is minimal.

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