Tooth fillings are, perhaps, one of the most commonly used tooth restorations. They are widely used to fill cavities caused due to tooth decay, restore teeth that are chipped, cracked, or misshapen. Dentists highly prefer them as they are aesthetically pleasing and restore the strength and functionality of the teeth.

What are the fillings made of?

Fillings can be made from different materials, namely gold, silver, amalgam, ceramic, and composite. However, at our practice, we offer fillings that are mercury-free, meaning, non-toxic, non-metallic tooth-colored fillings. Hence, we use ceramic and composite fillings for tooth restorations as they are aesthetically pleasing and also help to strengthen the tooth structure.

How is a filling placed?

When you visit our practice to get a filling done, we will conduct an initial screening to determine the severity of the cavity and whether or not a filling is required. The decay will be removed using dental instruments and rinsed off with a jet of water. The filling material will be customized to match the color of the teeth and prepared so that it would stay indistinguishable against the natural enamel.
The cavity will be etched using an etching solution. This makes it's surface rough and allows the filling material to adhere to it firmly. The filling material will be placed on the cavity and shaped according to the counter of the tooth. A curing light will be used to harden it as the filling material would be a photosensitive one. A bite test will be carried out to check the fit and comfort, after which the filling may be trimmed to adjust its size and fit. It may be polished to give it a smooth finishing.

What are the advantages of choosing tooth-colored fillings?

  • The appearance of such fillings, including color, texture, and translucency, can be customized as required. It can be made to match that of the patient's enamel perfectly.
  • Their contour can be shaped and modified as required.
  • They can be used to restore all types of teeth irrespective of their positioning. Be it the incisors, canines, or the molars; fillings can restore them to perfection.
  • They are durable and stain-resistant. Despite biting and chewing hard foods, they would hardly undergo any wear. Consuming colored foods and beverages would hardly affect the color of the fillings.
  • They offer excellent sealing and prevent the entry of microbes into the cavity, thereby reducing the chances of reinfection.

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